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Confederate Battle Flags on Confederate Graves from Paul Quillen on Vimeo.

The only remaining pre-Civil War Cassville home:

The Old Cassville Confederate Cemetery:

The Old Cassville Post Office. Now the Cassville Museum:

The St. Andrews Cross. In the Civil War, it was known as the Confederate Battle Flag:
The Saint Andrews Cross - The Confederate Battle Flag
Cassville Historical Society, Inc.

Dedicated to preserving our proud Confederate States of America history and Cassville's history.

Dale Black, President
Paul Quillen, Vice President
Bonnie Willis, Secretary
Joel Kimsey, Treasurer

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Japan's Nikkei Flirts With 20000, but Falls Short

Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average is heading toward its highest level since late August, driven by weakness in the Japanese yen.

Bank of Qingdao Raises $607 Million

Bank of Qingdao, the largest city commercial lender in eastern China’s Shandong province, priced its Hong Kong IPO at the bottom end of the expected price range.

Digging for Winners in Commodity Currencies

While the consensus view is that the U.S. dollar will keep climbing once the Fed begins raising rates, some strategists are using unusual methods to pick winners from among the likeliest losers—commodity currencies.

Cheap Oil and Strong Dollar: Ecuador's Twin Troubles

Two of the most punishing trends in emerging markets are the rising dollar and falling oil. And caught between them is Ecuador.

'Chinese Medicine' Fails to Cure Credit Crunch

Beijing has made promises of financial reform for the entire country as it tries to maintain China’s strong growth rate. But for most businesses and consumers, little has changed on the ground.

Citic Securities Overstated Equity-Swaps Numbers

Chinese brokerage Citic Securities said it overstated certain financial transactions during a period of extreme volatility for China’s stock market around the middle of this year.

China's Central Bank to Give Market Greater Say on Rates

China has long controlled its financial system through floors and ceilings on interest rates. Now get ready for its interest-rate corridor.

Devaluation Key in Luring Investors Back to Argentina

For Richard House, it was the black market currency booths he saw on a recent visit to Buenos Aires that dissuaded him from investing in Argentina.

Will the Euro Fall to $1? Interest Rates Aren't Investors' Only Guide

The euro has tumbled against the dollar in recent weeks. But investors are divided over whether the gulf in monetary policy between the Fed and the ECB means an inexorable slide to parity with the dollar.

Falling Metals Prices Pressure Asian Mining Shares

A slide in commodities prices pressured resources shares in Australia and Hong Kong on Tuesday, while investors elsewhere in the region tried to navigate global central banks’ split approaches to monetary policy.

Beijing Ends Curb on Brokerages' Stock Sales

In a fresh sign of Chinese leaders’ growing confidence in the stock market’s recovery, regulators lifted a restriction on brokerages’ proprietary trading imposed during the summer rout.

After Oil's Crash, Mideast Bankers Find Desert Is No Oasis

The drop in oil prices has claimed new victims in the Persian Gulf: investment bankers. Core investment-banking business in the Gulf has dried up—and with it the optimism that prompted a rush into the region a decade ago.

'Bad Bank' Sees More Chinese Debt Souring as Economy Slows

China’s slowing growth will lead to more bad loans on bank balance sheets, according to a new estimate from one of China’s official bad-loan buyers.

Some Hedge Funds Make Millions From Bets on U.S. Rates

Tudor Investment Corporation is among a group of hedge funds whose bets on a U.S. interest rate rise are making millions of dollars in profits this month.

China's Silk Road Fund Backs Another IPO of State-Owned Firm

China’s $40 billion Silk Road Fund, which the country set up in November 2014 to finance its “one belt, one road” development plan, is a cornerstone investor in the Hong Kong IPO of China Energy Engineering Corp.

After 1MDB Deal, China's Clout Set to Grow in Malaysia

China’s $2.3 billion deal to buy power assets from a debt-ridden Malaysian government-investment fund could give Beijing greater sway in the Southeast Asia nation.

Hong Kong Steps Up Scrutiny of 'Dark Pools'

Securities regulator plans to implement new rules regulating anonymous trading forums more closely.

Emerging-Market Fund Investors Too Slow to Catch Peak Returns

Emerging-market stock funds have a record of posting large gains, but investors often put their money in too late and keep it there too long.

Guotai Junan Chairman's Absence Deepens China Crackdown Fears

The Hong Kong unit of China’s second-largest brokerage said its chairman and chief executive has been missing for five days, as its shares tumbled on concerns Beijing is broadening a crackdown on alleged irregularities.

Watchdog Eyes 45 Potential Cases of Energy Market Abuse

A European regulator is examining 45 potential cases of abuse in one of the world’s largest energy markets, but faces a big hurdle in pursuing them: Many countries aren’t prosecuting the alleged wrongdoing.

Bank of Jinzhou's IPO Gets Only One Cornerstone Investor

Bank of Jinzhou has received commitment from only one cornerstone investor for its up to US$943 million initial public offering in Hong Kong, according to a term sheet obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

Argentina Tempts Big Money Managers Again

After years of neglecting Argentina, some of Europe’s biggest money managers are returning to the country ahead of a presidential election that some hope will usher in a more stable era for investors.

Hong Kong Seeks China Arbitrage Products

Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing is looking to launch products to allow investors to make bets on the difference between Hong Kong-listed Chinese companies and Shanghai-listed ones.

Prime-Central London House Prices Cool Down

The price that sellers are hoping to fetch, and what buyers are actually willing to pay, has grown farther apart in the past year.

U.S. Tech Startups Head to Australia for IPOs

Some Silicon Valley startups are going to Australia to raise capital with IPOs, as a chill has descended on tech offerings at home.

China's Banks Test U.S. Legal System

A U.S. federal judge has ordered Bank of China to turn over account records tied to a luxury-goods counterfeiting case, but the lender says that would violate Chinese law.

China's Economy Shows Further Signs of Fragility

Separate gauges of China’s property market and its vital-but-murky shadow-banking system both showed more weakness, as the country’s economic growth engine continues to sputter.

U.S.-Listed China Firms Hurry Homeward

Many Chinese companies, particularly from the technology, media and telecoms sector, that listed in the U.S. in recent years are looking to go private and then later relist back home.

Yuan's Adventure Abroad Stumbles in London

London wants to become the West’s first trading hub for the yuan, but the city still has a long way to go before it can fully welcome the Chinese currency.

Big African Debt Burdens, Written Off, Are Back Again

Rock stars helped convince the international community to write off more than $100 billion of African government borrowings a decade ago. Now the big debts are back, and it’s getting tougher for countries to pay them off, thanks to a borrowing spree that has collided with the commodities collapse.

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