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The only remaining pre-Civil War Cassville home:

The Old Cassville Confederate Cemetery:

The Old Cassville Post Office. Now the Cassville Museum:

The St. Andrews Cross. In the Civil War, it was known as the Confederate Battle Flag:
The Saint Andrews Cross - The Confederate Battle Flag
Cassville Historical Society, Inc.

Dedicated to preserving our proud Confederate States of America history and Cassville's history.

Dale Black, President
Paul Quillen, Vice President
Bonnie Willis, Secretary
Joel Kimsey, Treasurer

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Once the Biggest Buyer, China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt

Central banks are selling U.S. government bonds at the fastest pace on record, the most dramatic shift in the $12.8 trillion Treasury market since the financial crisis.

China Shares Join Global Rally

Chinese stocks rose sharply Thursday, catching up to a rally in global equities after the market was closed for a week-long holiday.

Emerging Markets Reverse Losing Streak---For Now

Sharp gains in emerging-market currencies this week mark a sudden reversal from just days ago, when investors were convinced these currencies only had one way to go: down.

Fed OKs Royal Bank of Canada's City National Buyout

The U.S. Federal Reserve Wednesday approved Royal Bank of Canada’s $5.4 billion acquisition of City National Corp.

Fannie, Freddie Ease Rules for Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage lenders received new assurances from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that they won’t be slammed with onerous penalties for what they say are relatively minor errors made when underwriting loans.

Japan Post Sets Price Band for Multibillion-Dollar IPO

State-owned Japan Post Holdings has set an indicative price band for its and its units’ initial public offerings, which could together fetch as much as $11.65 billion, making it the largest asset sale by the government in nearly 30 years.

Overseas Loans by Hong Kong Banks Drop

Overseas loans by banks in Hong Kong fell significantly for the first time in more than four years in August, the month China devalued the yuan.

Now Is Time to Buy Chinese Stocks, Says Fund

China’s stock market has burned more than 40% of its value since June as investors fret over the health of the world’s second-largest economy. But one prominent London hedge fund says now is the time to buy.

ECB Tightens Rules on Remarks

The European Central Bank said its board members will restrict their market-sensitive remarks to material that is accessible to the public, as part of a revamped policy.

Credit Suisse CEO Thiam Warns on African Debt 'Madness'

Credit Suisse Chief Executive Tidjane Thiam says it is “madness” for African nations to rely on loans in foreign currencies to fund vital infrastructure including roads, power and clean water.

Moody's Signals No Imminent Plan to Downgrade Brazil

Moody’s Investors Service signaled Tuesday it won’t downgrade Brazil’s debt rating to junk in the near future, giving embattled President Dilma Rousseff some breathing room to jump-start economic growth.

Australia's RBA Keeps Interest Rates on Hold

Australia’s central bank left interest rates unchanged at its monthly policy meeting, waiting to see whether the falling Australian dollar and a change of prime minister can do the heavy lifting in reviving the nation’s economy.

Yuan Picks Up Pace as Global Currency

The yuan moved ahead of the Japanese yen for fourth place in a league table of the most-used currencies for cross-border payments for the first time in August, mainly because of volatility in Chinese markets.

Bad Bets Take Down a Pair of Hedge Funds

Hedge fund MeehanCombs is closing after soured bets on junk bonds and a European recovery. Another fund, Armored Wolf, is returning client money, the latest fallout of a messy quarter in markets.

Investors Sour on Southeast Asia's Growth Plans

Governments in Southeast Asia in the past several weeks have accelerated plans to boost growth and prop up markets amid worries about the spillover of China’s slowdown. But investors aren’t convinced.

OPEC Worried About Its Public Image

Officials of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries have wondered whether they should engage in social media and pushed for better relations with Asian consumers, according to internal reports.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Kills Dual-Class Share Plan

No ‘workable proposal’ found after the city’s market regulator objected to weighted-voting structures sought after Alibaba listed in the U.S.

Commodity Slide Threatens Emerging-Market Debt

Many investors fear that emerging-market companies will suffer rising defaults on their foreign-currency bonds because of the commodity bust and drops in local currencies.

Emerging-Market Exodus Gains Steam

More than half a trillion dollars are set to exit emerging markets this year, a banking group forecast, the first annual outflow in decades.

Chinese Domino Effect Still Threatens World Markets

Emerging markets and others continue to feel reverberations from China stocks’ epic third-quarter tumble.

China Tremors Rattle Stocks Throughout Asia

For months, investors in Asian shares believed the greatest risk they faced was the prospect of higher U.S. interest rates. The real danger was far closer to home.

Volkswagen, Glencore Troubles Unsettle Bond Investors

September proved one of the worst months for Europe’s corporate bond market in years, as a sharp selloff in bonds of Volkswagen and Glencore reminded investors that even the biggest bluechips can run into trouble.

Emerging Markets See Biggest Exodus Since 2008

Global investors are estimated to have pulled $40 billion from emerging-market stocks and bonds during the current quarter, the most for a quarter since 2008.

Chinese Debt Market Heats Up

The clamor for corporate bonds in China is enabling some companies to issue debt at the lowest yields in five years.

Brazil's Sugar Cane: An Emerging Debacle

The woes of Brazil’s sugar-cane industry offer a stark illustration of the problems confronting emerging markets.

Emerging Markets Go From Bad to Worse

There is no sign of reprieve for emerging-market currencies, which took a turn for the worse this past week. The Malaysian ringgit, for instance, weakened to a more than 15-year low, for its largest weekly loss in nearly two decades.

More Capital Raising Coming for European Banks?

Standard Chartered and Credit Suisse face a painful choice: whether to tap shareholders for funds despite plummeting share prices.

Brazil Braces for More Pain

The country’s battered currency touches a new low as unemployment surges and the central bank forecasts a far deeper recession.

China Becomes Asia's Biggest Securitization Market

China’s fledgling securitization market is taking off, as Beijing looks for new ways to ease lending to firms amid the country’s slowest period of economic growth in more than two decades.

Commodities Traders Brace for New Rules

Europe’s commodities traders are warning that new regulations set to be released within days could roil markets and push up costs for a range of essentials from crude oil to chocolate.

Iran Sees Oil Exports Starting to Rise as Early as Late November

Iran expects to be able to increase its oil exports by 500,000 barrels a day by late November or early December, with sales to Asia rising as a result of the country’s nuclear agreement with global powers.

In China's Struggling Stock Market, Some Winners Emerge

A weaker yuan and a dearth of initial public offerings have benefited a handful of companies amid the wider carnage.

China Fines Fund Manager

Regulator says Ye Fei manipulated markets by inflating stock values to sell them at a profit for his top-performing fund.

Mongolian Bonds Take a Beating

Three years after Mongolia sold its first government bond internationally, it is among the countries hardest hit amid the current emerging-markets turmoil.

Hong Kong Shares Cheap Despite Cash Inflows

The Hong Kong stock market was withered over the summer, and even massive cash flows into the city hasn’t helped lift valuations.

U.K. Treasury Says China to Issue Debt in London

China’s central bank plans to issue debt in London, according to the U.K. Treasury, a move that would provide a boost to British efforts to make the British capital a major offshore center for trading in China’s currency.

Malaysia Leader Najib Razak's Assets Probed by U.S.

U.S. investigators are looking into Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s assets as part of a series of global probes linked to a troubled state investment fund.

Eurozone Nears Monetary Policy's Limits

ECB officials can claim some success in buying up hundreds of billions of euros in bonds. But the eurozone is running up against the limits of what monetary policy can hope to accomplish, economists say.

Malaysia Fund's Missing Money Problem Grows

Questions about a troubled Malaysian state investment fund and missing money in the Middle East have widened to include as much as $1 billion more.

Forum Fund's Bets Finally Pay Off

A hedge-fund manager lost money three years in a row betting that central banks’ money-printing would cause market volatility. Last month, his bets paid off in a big way.

After Alibaba IPO, Cracks Appear in China Tech

Alibaba’s shares are now trading just below its IPO price, giving pause to investors once eager for a piece of China’s highflying Internet companies.

Fed Rate Decision Roils Emerging-Market Currencies

Many emerging-market currencies slumped against the dollar on Thursday despite the Federal Reserve’s decision to hold interest rates near zero for now.

Negative Stock Report Leads to Arrest and Cross-Country Odyssey

Analyst Nitin Mangal’s negative stock report about the Indiabulls conglomerate led to his jailing. “I feared for my life,” he said.

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