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The only remaining pre-Civil War Cassville home:

The Old Cassville Confederate Cemetery:

The Old Cassville Post Office. Now the Cassville Museum:

The St. Andrews Cross. In the Civil War, it was known as the Confederate Battle Flag:
The Saint Andrews Cross - The Confederate Battle Flag
Cassville Historical Society, Inc.

Dedicated to preserving our proud Confederate States of America history and Cassville's history.

Robert Crowe, President
Paul Quillen, Vice President
Bonnie Willis, Secretary
Joel Kimsey, Treasurer

Webmaster: Paul Quillen 770-382-1023

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Investors Resume Rush for Stocks, but Fears Lurk

The stock market soared this week, reclaiming ground lost earlier in the month. But many investors worried that, with stock prices high and the world economy unsettled, this year’s succession of sudden dips and sharp recoveries may not be over.

European Markets Show Stress

European markets edged lower ahead of the results of sweeping EU bank stress tests, with traders’ mood darkened by news that a case of Ebola was confirmed in New York City overnight.

25 Eurozone Banks to Fail Stress Tests

About 25 eurozone banks failed the European Central Bank’s financial-health checks, although more than half have taken the necessary steps to shore up their balance sheets this year.

Argentina Sells $983 Million In Dollar-Linked Bonds

Argentina sold $983 million in U.S. dollar-linked bonds to local institutional investors such as banks and insurers even as it remains locked out of global credit markets.

Ruble Faces New Wave of Pressure

A new wave of pressure is hitting Russia’s ruble as the market is becoming convinced that the central bank won’t be able to halt its slide.

Japan Stocks Snap Losing Streak

Japanese stocks snapped a four-week losing streak, leading a rebound in Asian markets, as the dollar regained strength against the yen and global volatility eased.

Investors Approve Bailout for China Domestic Bond Default

An insolvent solar-energy firm that suffered China’s first domestic bond default approved a controversial debt restructuring plan that leaves many debtors with hefty losses.

European Bank Tests Could Bring Relief

European banks will need to come up with a total of about $12.6 billion to fill capital holes identified in regulatory “stress tests,” analysts say, a relatively modest amount that some investors expect will cheer markets.

London Real-Estate Market May Be Cooling

Homes in the U.K. capital have been among the hottest global assets in recent years, but signs continue to suggest the heat is escaping.

Dollar Bulls Slow the Stampede

Some investors said they have become wary of adding to bets that the greenback would rise, after worries flared anew recently about the health of the global economy.

Foreign Firms Pull Back in China

The People’s Money: For years, multinationals plowed money into China. Now, a combination of slower growth, weak global demand and a feeling Beijing has singled out foreign firms for regulatory crackdowns is pushing companies to cut back.

Yen Fall Hits Japan's China Firms

The yen’s sharp decline against the yuan is clobbering some Japanese companies operating in China, forcing them to rethink businesses there.

Bulgaria Prepares to Pull Troubled Bank's Plug

Bulgaria’s central bank said it is ready to let the country’s fourth-largest bank fail but urged parliament to approve the government’s topping up a fund to compensate depositors after an audit found a 4.22 billion lev ($2.73 billion) hole in the troubled bank’s accounts.

Swiss Banks Want Changes in Justice Dept. Hidden Account Program

Dozens of Swiss banks are pushing back against the rigors of a U.S. Justice Department program designed to dig up hidden American accounts.

Japan Auctions Bonds With Negative Yields

Japan joins a small group of countries in which investors are in the unusual position of actually paying the government to lend it money.

Gold Demand in India, China on the Rise

Consumers in India and China, the world’s two biggest buyers of gold, have started buying again after prices fell to a 2014 low earlier this month.

China's Plans for Aid Bank Fall Short

Many of the countries the Chinese government had hoped would join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank won’t be present at the signing of a preliminary agreement in Beijing, as U.S. officials attempt to persuade them not to participate.

Markets Are Diverging in the Emerging World

India and Indonesia have benefited from perceptions new leaders will help businesses. The story is different in Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.

Seeking Positives in Negative Yields

Some European bond yields have gone negative as rates hit record lows and lenders are looking for places to park their surplus cash.

Investors See Reasons to Jump Into U.S. Markets

A resurgent dollar is remaking the investment landscape as Fed stimulus ends, in a shift many fund managers expect will propel U.S. stocks, and even bonds, to fresh gains.

Oil Tanks as Supply Overwhelms Demand

A global glut of oil sent prices skidding this summer, and demand is expected to remain soft in the coming months.

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